Monday, May 28, 2007

Vintage dog collection

My great grandmother had an extension collection of dog figurines. The full collection was split between myself, my brother and my cousins. Unfortunately my grandmother died before explaining anything about the history of these items (and many more that I'll share). I have yet to look into the details of each of these little old dogs, but they are so cute I love them. They are all so different - one is chalkware, one has a satin ribbon bow. My favorite are the frosty glass (?) figures with rhinestone eyes - they come in different sizes, like a mother and her babies... I think my brother has the little black ones. If anyone knows anything about any of them, let me know. I tend to get lazy about research sometimes.

I added other miscellanous vintage items into the display, including a few little tiny cups that she also collected and a couple vintage enamel flower pins I picked up at the flea market... and of course a sand dollar I found (I love beach finds and they tend to work their way into any place I find). The little butterfly dishes are from a huge set of butterfly china from my mom's mother. These are also finding their place in tattoos on my arm (yes, my mom is oh so happy about that...).

Things and things

Hints of what's to come.... listings of my personal collections, wishlists of things i want, things i think are awesome, things i think are crap, whatever i feel like writing about at the moment... umm... oh, questions for things i can't figure out.

Note: this is subject to change. I am very fickle and tv has rotted my brain. Like today, I was super motivated to finally organize all of my papers, bills, house info, etc when I came downstairs for a snack. I flipped through the tv and ended up watching Reading Rainbow - the whole show. Granted, it was an episode about the beach and all the living creatures in the waters around a small island off the coast of Florida and completely mesmerizing, but in the end my papers didn't finish getting filed. But, I finally learned what these things are and now can't wait to find one at the beach and find tons of little baby shells!!


Soo... I'm really just making this to help me keep track of all of the crap swimming in my head. Except it's not really crap, it's super amazing awesomeness that tends to get lost in my forgetfulness. Enjoy if you'd like!