Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Price Is Right - or is it wrong (bitch!)

So now that Drew Carey is host of The Price is Right, greatest gameshow EVER, I've noticed a couple things worth noting. One, the game Plinko is now almost daily (I don't get to watch the show daily, so I may be wrong here).

One of the best things about Plinko, aside from just being generally awesome, was that it wasn't as common as other games. Will it be ruined now that it's so common?

Another observation. Mind you I love all things Drew Carey, he is tops in my book, but every time someone spins the big wheel (one of my dreams), he asks every single person each time "Is there anyone you'd like to say hi to?". Come on Drew, you're more creative than that! Once in a while is fine, or at various points in the game is fine, but it gets a bit redundant here! Reference other things from the show, the games they played, what they're wearing, the weather, anything!

He seems a bit disconnected and less personal than Bob Barker, although less orange which is a plus. Drew's filling the spot, but is he embodying (sp?) the persona? I think the grand conclusion here is that I must fulfill my dream of being a contestant and coming up with redesigns of my rhinestone glitter "I love Bob" shirts and see first hand. There is no other way.

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Tracey said...

I agree about the Plinko (lord help me, I have a Plinko opinion) but I disagree with your saying that Drew seems disconnected. I actually think he seems to care if people win or not. He strikes me as a nice, genuine guy.
Okay, now I'm going to go back to pretending I don't watch daytime television!